distributeur français d’équipements et consommables pour l’industrie du Semiconducteur.

Soldering/reflow furnaces (RSO, RSS and VSS)

For bumping, balling, LED assembly, SMT annealing, preforms and pin-in-paste processes

  • Front or top opening (safety lock to prevent opening during process)
  • Resistive or radiant heating (infrared lamps) up to 650°C
  • Temperature uniformity <1°C
  • Ultra-controlled process under perfectly repeatable conditions for identical results in every process
  • Up to 2 gas lines
  • Formic acid can be injected during heat treatment (to avoid voids) Vacuum up to 10-3 hPa
  • Temperature rise rate: 200 °C/min max.
  • Ultra-compact system
  • Touch screen programming
  • Wafer up to 200 mm