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Parmi les principales valeurs de MICROTEST figure la Qualité du service rendu et la satisfaction de ses clients.



MICROTEST’s core values include quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Our team is human and available to listen to you, guide you and support you in the smooth running of our business relations. At every stage of your relationship with Microtest, you’ll have a dedicated contact who’s committed to finding solutions that meet your needs.

Microtest Dossier

Follow-up and support

Responsiveness and rigor

Microtest is organized to support you throughout your project. Our operational team is on hand to keep you informed of the progress of operations.

Service Avant Vente

Pre-sales service

Availability and listening skills

Nur technical sales team, working closely with our manufacturing partners, is on hand to study the solutions best suited to your business issues and challenges. Made up of qualified engineers with product expertise, our team can help you draw up your specifications and offer you the best compromise between quality and price for the solutions you choose.


Installation and training

Presence and assistance

Microtest, with the support of our partners, can take charge of installation operations for complex systems requiring it. Microtest will be present on delivery to assist you in taking charge of your equipment.

On-site staff training can be tailored to your needs.

Assistance Sav

Support and after-sales service

Efficiency and reliability

Microtest has a technical team for your technical support and after-sales questions. Our staff are renowned for their expertise and their precise, efficient work.


Maintenance Service

Peace and safety

Some of our equipment requires mandatory or optional maintenance. Our maintenance department takes care of these operations and periodically monitors your needs.


Calibration service

Quality and traceability

Microtest has a calibration laboratory for temperature conditioners. Under quality control, your equipment is inspected and calibrated to guarantee the reliability of your tests.


Equipment rental service

Reactivity and speed

Microtest has a fleet of machines available for rental, for your occasional needs. This service ensures that your equipment is in good working order and that a technical team is on hand to assist you during the rental period.


Resale of used equipment

Recycling and savings (equipment rental)

We offer reconditioned models for resale. This allows you to have your equipment serviced and guaranteed by Microtest at an optimized cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Over the years, Microtest has built up a relationship of trust and reliability with its manufacturing partners and strong ties with its customers. Our services are a major part of our commitment.