distributeur français d’équipements et consommables pour l’industrie du Semiconducteur.


Microtest logistics

We work in an international industry that involves daily exchanges and movements with our partners and customers, in France, Europe, Import and Export.

As a representative of leading brands on the international market and in a highly competitive context, we work on acquisitions with the USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Japan, for the most distant origins, with our Italian, English and German neighbors in Europe, and our French partners whenever possible.

In terms of outgoing commercial flows, we currently work mainly in France, Europe and North Africa.

In this context, we have built up the skills we need to optimize our flows and offer our customers the best price/time ratio.

Both exciting and demanding, international logistics is subject to many constraints: production delays, routing problems, geopolitical and social conditions, customs controls, administrative constraints, breakages, breakdowns, and demands rigor and precision.

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Microtest can organize the entire logistics chain, from production to delivery to the final destination – a sometimes bumpy road, but one that runs smoothly for our customers. We are your single point of contact, offering you equipment delivered to your home, ready to install or use.

Depending on the system, we can also organize unloading operations, sometimes requiring special equipment. This is the case, for example, when unloading very large, bulky or fragile machines, and/or in areas constrained by the turning radii of handling equipment, doorways, cleanroom constraints, etc.

We organize all the specific and unusual logistics for our customers with specialized and trusted companies.

We manage emergency situations as best we can, always putting in the necessary energy and resources.

We work with strong partners for our logistics flows, whether for sea freight, air freight, express parcels, road transport in groupage or special charter for emergencies.

Air – sea – express imports

For our equipment, we generally work in overhead and triangular configurations. We schedule pick-ups from our partners and monitor their arrival, customs clearance and delivery to destination without transit through our premises. The whole process is transparent for our customers, who have only Microtest to deal with. It’s only thanks to the trust we’ve built up with our manufacturing partners at the outset, and our transport service partners for the operational side, that we can offer you successful, controlled operations.

For consumables and small equipment, we work mainly with express carriers, with rigorous monitoring of batches in transit, which pass through our warehouse before being checked and reshipped.


Road transport – groupage or chartering

Export and domestic deliveries: equipment leaving our warehouse is delivered by road if we organize the transport, with a lead time of 24 to 72 hours depending on the destination.

Services requiring customs clearance may be extended depending on administrative processing times.

Thanks to our meticulous organization and the reliable lead times of our manufacturing partners, we are able to arrange transport in advance and secure deliveries.

Environmental responsibility

At Microtest, we are keenly aware of our environmental impact.

Wherever possible, we do our utmost to consolidate our outbound imports, limit multiple shipments and favor sea freight over air freight. We are working to reduce the number and size of packages, while maintaining optimum product quality and customer service.

Internally, we limit our energy consumption, recycle all packaging and sort and limit our waste.

The road to balance is still long, but we’re working on it every day.

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