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Test accessories

MPI cables for point testing

MPI engineers focus on providing optimal cable solutions, taking into account the specific requirements of on-wafer measurement systems: optimal cable length, cable weight, magnitude, phase and temperature stability, RF connector design, precision and manufacturing quality, and service life.

MPI offers two series of RF cables – the high-end MMC and the standard MRC – covering the entire frequency range from 18 GHz upwards. This enables engineers to choose the optimum system configuration according to the required measurement accuracy and budgetary constraints. Both cable series are designed for use on any MPI system platform, from simple manual TS50 prober to advanced automated systems with ShieldEnvironment™, and support tests from -60°C to +125°C.


With a critical understanding of the many measurement challenges associated with today’s RF applications, MPI Corporation has developed TITAN™ RF probes, a series of products specifically optimized for these complex applications focused on the requirements of advanced RF customers.

TITAN™ tips offer the latest technological and manufacturing advances in RF testing. They are the result of the technology transfer that accompanied the acquisition of Allstron, then significantly improved by MPI’s highly experienced RF test team and produced using MPI’s world-class MEMS technology. Precision engineered, TITAN™ tips contain 50 Ohm MEMS contact tips with enhanced probe electrical characteristics that enable unrivalled calibration results over a wide frequency range. The patented tip design significantly reduces probe slippage, delivering the outstanding contact repeatability required in today’s extreme measurement environments. TITANTM probes with all their features come at a very competitive price.

The TITAN™ tip series is available in single-tip and dual-tip configurations, with pitches ranging from 50 microns to 1250 microns and frequencies from 26 GHz to 110 GHz. TITAN™ RF probes are the ideal choice for on-wafer S-parameter measurements of millimeter-wave RF devices up to 110 GHz, as well as for characterizing RF power devices requiring frequency measurements.

Finally, customers can benefit from both a long product life and an unbeatable cost of ownership, something they’ve been looking for for years.

TITAN™ DC-220 GHz tip

Simply unique…

Double TITAN™ tips

The TITAN™ probe family contains dual 26 GHz probes in GSGSG, GSSG and SGS configurations for cost-effective characterization of multi-port and differential circuits, integrated circuits and components for commercial wireless applications.

Multi-contact TITAN™ tips

The TITAN™ Multi-Contact tip advances TITAN™ MPI RF test technology for RF IC characterization. It features up to 15 contacts that can be individually configured for RF, logic signal and IC RF bypass power supply. All these contacts come with the full list of benefits of TITAN™ probe technology: excellent impedance matching, electrical characteristics, unique tip visibility and unrivalled service life.

What’s more, the TITAN™ Multi-Contact tip is the shortest of its kind. It enables characterization over a wide temperature range of large integrated circuits in a shielded environment, and supports the most demanding test configurations.