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Microtest adhère au Pole ALPHA RLH

Microtest becomes a member of the ALPHA RLH Photonics-Laser and Electronics-Hyperfrequency Competitiveness Cluster


ALPHA – Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences(ALPHA-RLH) is the Photonics-Laser and Electronics-Hyperfrequencies cluster for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Les ondes de l’innovation region. It helps companies and laboratories to set up, appraise and finance collaborative innovation projects, and supports the growth of innovative companies, export development, access to new markets and training in new skills.

Based in Bordeaux, Limoges, La Rochelle and Pau, the cluster is structured around three core technology areas:

  • Photonics-Laser,
  • Electronics-Hyperfrequencies
  • Materials, Photonics, Electronics

It serves four application markets:

  • Healthcare: Medical Devices – Autonomy – Imaging – Microscopy – Lasers
  • Communication-Security: Communication Systems and Protocols – Cybersecurity
  • Aerospace-Defense; Vision – NDT – Detection – Navigation – Telecommunications – Imaging
  • Energy-Intelligent building : Decarbonization – Energy efficiency – Photovoltaics – Sensors – IoT

and a cross-functional business area: Numerics-Industry of the Future.


Photonics: a key technology for the 21st century

Photonics encompasses all techniques involving the photon, the particle that carries light.

Photonic optics is behind the telecommunications revolution, the increase in information storage capacity and the miniaturization of camera systems. Advances in vision imaging and instrumentation have revolutionized many industrial sectors, from medical to space, defense and surveillance. Finally, the development of light-emitting diodes is giving rise to a new generation of lighting sources and displays.

All these developments are set to accelerate in the coming years with the arrival of new technologies such as micro and nanotechnologies, which will provide access to new functionalities while offering previously unrivalled miniaturization capabilities.

Today, optics and photonics are mainly present in civil markets, most of which are global. This profound change and the rapid pace of technological evolution are forcing companies to be ever more responsive and to invest in research and development.


Microwaves: a key technological field in constant evolution.

At the heart of all telecommunications systems, microwaves are used to transmit information by wire or wirelessly at high frequencies.

This technology is present in many fields and in our daily lives, in radio and television broadcasting, satellite TV reception and mobile telephony. It has enabled the rapid expansion of wireless communication systems (smartphones, WiFi, Bluetooth, contactless communication systems, GPS).

With the ever-increasing need to transmit more and more information on the move, it is imperative to increase transmission channel capacities and data rates. Mobile telephony is a perfect example of this evolution, as are the aeronautics and defense sectors, where there is always a quest for improved performance.

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ALPHA LRH: A photonics and microwave cluster unique in France

Mastery of these two cutting-edge technologies gives the ALPHA-RLH cluster a major competitive edge and enables it to support the growth and structuring of the photonics and microwave industries at regional and national level.

Its members develop laser sources, power lasers, new-generation optical fibers, cutting-edge microwave components (MEMS, power amplifiers, antennas, filters) and complete systems (radar, radionavigation).

These skills, know-how and technological expertise, unique in France, will enable it to become France’s benchmark cluster for photonics and microwave technology.

MICROTEST, a solutions provider

The ALPHA – RLH cluster supports economic development and business growth through innovation. It is a key partner for innovation, accelerating the development, industrialization and marketing of innovative products and technologies.

It has 262 members, including 185 companies, 89 start-ups created and 45 companies setting up in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which we are proud to join, in order to actively increase our presence in the region and in the ecosystem.

It encourages the emergence of ideas, collaborative innovation projects and the creation of new start-ups. It supports the growth of innovative companies through its unique, world-renowned technological expertise, and helps its member companies to expand their exports and access new markets.

As asolutions provider, our membership of the cluster is a fantastic opportunity for MICROTEST to work in collaboration with photonics and microwave electronics players on current and future innovation projects.

On May 16, 2024, Microtest will be exhibiting at the Microelectronics: regional innovations and synergies day in Pessac.

Join us for a day of conferences, stands and company visits, bringing together all the players in the microelectronics value chain.

Find the program on this registration link.
We look forward to meeting you!
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