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Wire Bonder

Semi-automatic Wire Bonder – WB200-e

The machine is fully motorized (X and Y axes with 100 mm travel and Z axis with 40 mm travel), as is the vertical wire clamp.

It enables ball and wedge bonding at multiple heights, programmable for each weld (independent parameters for each weld: loop shape control, ± reverse loop, heights, lengths, etc.), and ribbon bonding, for substrates up to 200 mm (8″).

Vertical camera vision and motorized Z-axis enable deep-access, with motorized Z-axis.

Depending on its configuration, it is possible to perform manual bonding (“Z Manual” mode), semi-automatic bonding (with automatic Z detection) and auto-bonding (automatic ball-bonding, after aligning and selecting weld 1 and weld 2 with the mouse).

This equipment is ergonomic and comfortable for the operator, making the machine easy to use thanks to direct on-screen observation and intuitive software.