distributeur français d’équipements et consommables pour l’industrie du Semiconducteur.

Passage Furnaces

Conveyor belt oven (adjustable speed up to 225 m/min)

  • Baking of soldering pastes, screen-printing pastes (thick and thin layers), polymers, resins, glues…
  • Heating up to 250°C
  • Optimum far-infrared heating cures and dries polymers to gently evaporate solvents for optimum results
  • Pre-firing with heated ceramic panels
  • Infrared heat waves first penetrate the core of the material, then dry outwards to the surface, avoiding the typical “dried skin” effect that can trap solvents inside, causing cracking at later stages of the process.
  • Multi-zone, independently adjustable
  • Substrates up to 1000 mm wide
  • Extraction/suction system