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Testing tweezers

New products in our consumables range: Testing Tweezers


There’s now a solution to the often complex problem of off- or low-voltage measurement on very small or hard-to-reach wires or components.

This new range of test probes expands the possibilities of measurement by offering a simple, cost-effective way of doing it.

Featuring a tail specially redesigned to accommodate a banana plug, these clamps enable direct connectivity to your conventional LCR measuring equipment, by plugging a red cable into one clamp and a black cable into another.


To adapt the range to different applications, we offer several variants:

  • Pliers with fine, straight tips.
  • Notched tips for a better grip on your target.
  • Pliers with ESD rubber-coated bodies for improved comfort and protection against electrostatic discharge.
  • Complete kits of 2 clamps with red and black cables.
  • Clamps sold without plugs.

Detail of clamp kits with superior finishes, supplied with their connector cables with red and black plugs:

Gamme Pinces De Test

K00J.SA.0 : Kit of 2 test clips type 00J.SA. Straight, fine points.

K00STJ.SA.0 : Kit of 2 test clips type 00STJ.SA. Straight, fine points, notched line.

K00J.SA. DR.0: Kit of 2 clamps type 00J.SA. DR. ESD-coated bodies. Straight, fine points.

Details of our complete range are available here!

Warning: these pliers are not electrically insulated and are therefore not suitable for handling high electrical currents.


Like our entire range of pliers, these tools are made by our partner Ideal Tek, and are designed, manufactured and tested in Switzerland, combining high-performance materials, perfect geometry and fine finishing, to ensure you get the very best tools.

We recommend that you add them to your toolbox without delay for your most precise tests!

Interested in other types of pliers? Contact us, we’ve got the ones you need!

Teezers product range

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