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Microtest: committed to workplace safety

At Microtest, safety in the workplace is a top priority and a constant commitment. We regard the protection of our employees’ health and safety as a fundamental part of our corporate culture. This commitment is reflected in our recently updated Document Unique d’Evaluation des Risques Professionnels (DUERP).

Purpose of the DUERP

Microtest’s DUERP is an essential tool that records the results of our occupational risk assessment. In accordance with the law, it is updated regularly, at least once a year, to guarantee an optimum level of protection for our employees.

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Method and commitment

We follow a rigorous method recommended by the French health insurance scheme, comprising four main steps:

1. Identifying risks

Our risk assessment is comprehensive, covering all work situations within our company. We identify and assess the risks associated with each task and work environment.

2. Definition of objectives and priorities

We define our objectives according to the severity, frequency of exposure and level of control of identified risks. Each risk is carefully assessed to determine the priority actions to be taken.

3. Prioritizing actions

Preventive actions are prioritized according to risk severity and frequency. We are committed to implementing effective corrective measures and regularly monitoring their effectiveness.

4. Evaluation of results

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our preventive actions by monitoring key safety indicators, such as the number of workplace accidents. This assessment enables us to adjust our measures and continually improve our safety management system.

Commitment to our customers and partners

Our commitment to workplace safety is not limited to our employees; it also benefits our customers and partners. By guaranteeing a safe and healthy working environment, we ensure the quality and reliability of our products and services. This gives our customers confidence in the safety of the products they buy from Microtest, strengthening our long-term partnership.

At Microtest, safety in the workplace is much more than a legal obligation; it’s a fundamental value that guides our every action. We are committed to maintaining and strengthening our safety culture, for the well-being of our employees, customers and partners.