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MICROTEST at the MicroNanoFabrication Annual Review Meeting of the CMi (EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology), Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Le mardi 02 mai 2023 Microtest sera présent au SwissTech Convention Center pour exposer nos services et équipements dans le cadre de l’évènement annuel du CMi, 22Tuesday May 2, 2023 Microtest will be present at the SwissTech Convention Center to exhibit our services and equipment as part of the CMi annual event, 22hours editing.

The CMi is a technological platform equipped with cutting-edge equipment, accessible to a large number of users, internal and external to the school, to conduct their research and processes.

The CMi is particularly dedicated to E-beam lithography, photolithography, and thin layer deposition.

A forum for exchange on the advances and latest research carried out by CMi researchers, this day is the ideal opportunity to be informed about the work of the previous year, and to exchange with researchers, students, professors, and meet the industrial partners of this science and technology institution recognized for its dynamism.

Access to this exciting day is open to an informed public wishing to obtain information and meet those involved in scientific and technological advances at the nanometric scale. Feel free to register before April 28.

Our technical-sales team will be delighted to meet you.

MICROTEST represents several partners of our Front-end range in Switzerland of equipment and consumables, particularly suitable for laboratories with a tailor-made service in order to create the conditions best suited to research work for the innovations of tomorrow.

Meet our team on our stand:

Abd al-Ran: Hill. 06.8465.3657

Nicolas: Tel. 06.5932.7352

See you soon.

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