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MICROTEST and Encapsulix: Innovative synergy for the semiconductor industry

a French distributor of equipment for the semiconductor industry, has just added Gardanne-based SME Encapsulix to its network of partners.


. This collaboration aims to strengthen MICROTEST’s expertise and services, while integrating Encapsulix’s innovative technologies in the field of atomic layer deposition.

A strategic alliance for innovation

MICROTEST, committed to constantly improving its value-added services, has chosen to expand its network of partners by joining forces with Encapsulix. The Gardanne-based company is renowned for its expertise in atomic layer deposition, a revolutionary technology that accelerates the production of protective oxides more efficiently.

Encapsulix's advanced technology: an asset to the industry

Encapsulix has developed innovative machines for producing thin oxide films by atomic layer deposition (ALD) twenty times faster than conventional processes. This technological breakthrough offers a valuable solution for effectively protecting displays, particularly in the field of augmented reality.

Jacques Kools, head of Encapsulix, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “Increasing throughput reduces the price per square metre. ALD then becomes an economically viable technology for new applications.”

Microtest Circuit Imprime Depot Couche Atomique

A partnership focused on continuous improvement

This alliance is more than just a business partnership, it’s part of a continuous improvement process. Encapsulix, with its annual growth of 20 to 40%, is opening up new horizons, particularly in power electronics. The company is also exploring innovative applications, such as the surface treatment of transparent plastics to impart antimicrobial properties.

MICROTEST and Encapsulix: a shared vision

MICROTEST shares Encapsulix’s values and culture, putting innovation at the heart of their collaboration. This shared vision is embodied in the desire to offer cutting-edge technological solutions while anticipating the future needs of the semiconductor industry.

Looking to the future: anticipating for better innovation

The semiconductor industry is evolving rapidly, and this partnership between MICROTEST and Encapsulix is part of a process of anticipating future needs. The machines developed by Encapsulix, in particular the optimized ALD reactors, open the way to new applications and significant advances in the field.

A step closer to technological excellence

The new partnership between MICROTEST and Encapsulix marks a further step towards technological excellence in the semiconductor industry. The synergies created by this collaboration promise significant advances, both in terms of production and innovation. The pooling of expertise and resources paves the way for ever more effective solutions, positioning MICROTEST and Encapsulix as key players in a constantly evolving sector.

This partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. The benefits of this collaboration will be felt in the advances that emerge from this union between MICROTEST and Encapsulix, opening up new prospects for the semiconductor industry.