distributeur français d’équipements et consommables pour l’industrie du Semiconducteur.

Manual UV Insulator

Manual UV irradiator – UV-951/956 (8″) + UV-953/957 (12″)

For wafers up to 200 mm (8″) or 300 mm (12″) depending on the model, this is an easy-to-use manual exposure unit, using UV lamps that do not dissipate heat (wavelength 365 nm).

On the machine, you’ll find the following information: a green/red LED indicator showing the status of each UV lamp, a counter showing lamp life (number of hours of operation), and a display showing exposure intensity.

The sunstroke controller can be used in 2 ways:

  • By a time in min/sec ;
  • By dosage in mJ/cm2 (using the light density indicated on the tape data sheet).
  • Batch control avoids the risk of errors in calculating the required exposure time, as the machine automatically makes this calculation.

Please contact us to find out which equipment is right for you.

Manual LED UV curing unit – UV-KUB 9

Kloé has extensive experience of photolithography thanks to its Dilase direct laser-writing technology, and presents the UV-KUB system for the exposure of photosensitive materials to UV light. UV-KUB 9 is a high-power UV LED exposure system operating with a 365nm light source. This is a very compact table-top system capable of exposing surfaces up to 9″ with at least 10% uniformity across the entire work surface.

This system is generally used for wafer bonding, temporary bonding and blue tape exposure applications for sawing.