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Anric Technologies, new partner, new prospects

Microtest-semi.com, a leading provider of equipment and consumables for microelectronics and semiconductor professionals, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Anric Technologies, a recognized specialist in atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Founded in 2014 in Arlington by Harvard University researchers, Anric Technologies has established itself as a reference in the field of atomic layer deposition. This technology, also known as ALD, is essential for the creation of high-quality thin films, offering exceptional performance and reliability.

Anric Technologies offers ALD thin-film deposition systems that are particularly well suited to demanding conditions:

  • Research and development: Anric offers the most space-saving and efficient equipment for this range.
  • From industry: Anric’s ALD systems provide rapid, cost-effective demonstration solutions. Our simple, reliable systems are ergonomic and flexible, so you can quickly optimize your processes.
  • Universities: for multi-user environments, Anric’s ALD systems offer flexible combinations of material growth, rigorous safety controls and the best technical-economic relevance on the market.

New perspectives

The partnership with MICROTEST opens up new prospects for Anric Technologies, enabling it to extend its field of action and explore new markets. Thanks to MICROTEST’s recognized expertise in microelectronics and semiconductors, Anric Technologies will benefit from an extensive network.

Thanks to its partnership with Anric Technologies, Microtest now offers a complete range of tabletop equipment, from research to pilot lines, from thermal ALD to plasma ALD.

Mircotes Semi Anric

Logical sequence

This partnership is a continuation of the successful collaboration between MICROTEST and Encapsulix, whose range of equipment is adapted to the largest substrate surfaces. By combining the strengths and expertise of these different companies, MICROTEST aims to offer its customers a complete and extensive range of ever more effective solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

Customer added value

Beyond products and services, this partnership emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and the creation of added value. By working hand in hand, MICROTEST and Anric Technologies are committed to meeting tomorrow’s technological challenges and providing innovative solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

This new partnership between MICROTEST and Anric Technologies represents a major step forward in the development of high-quality thin-film deposition solutions. Thanks to their complementary strengths and shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, both companies are well positioned to meet industry challenges and offer state-of-the-art solutions.