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An exceptional day with BFM TV: At the heart of MICROTEST expertise

At MICROTEST, being an expert in our field is not only a question of technical competence, but also of sharing our know-how with the world. In December 2023, we had the unique opportunity to open our doors to the BFM TV team. This experience was much more than a simple media encounter; it was a deep dive into our world, underlining the importance of communicating our expertise, even when we’re not accustomed to media exposure.

Exploring the unknown :

There’s no denying that technical expertise is the cornerstone of our success at MICROTEST, but communicating this know-how is another skill altogether. Facing the cameras of BFM TV was a challenge, especially for a family-run business that is not used to this kind of exercise. However, this experience has taught us that communicating our expertise is just as crucial as having it.

Enriching lessons :

Lending our voice and image to present our business has been a deeply enriching experience. It allowed us to take a step back and understand what’s really important to us as a company. The need to simplify complex concepts, explain our approach and share our passion has strengthened our commitment to our work, our partners and our customers.

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Spotlight on the challenges of 2024:

This day with BFM TV was also an opportunity to highlight the challenges we face in 2024. We discussed the challenges facing the semiconductor industry, planned innovations and our commitment to quality and excellence. It was an exceptional opportunity to share our vision for the future and strengthen the trust of our customers.

Warm thanks to :

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the dedicated team at BFM TV and OpenMédia. Their professionalism, availability and kindness made this experience not only informative but also enjoyable. Their patience with our inexperience in the world of big media was remarkable, and we sincerely thank them for giving us this great opportunity.

In short, this day with BFM TV was much more than just media exposure. It was an opportunity to grow, learn and share our passion with a wider audience. At MICROTEST, being an expert goes beyond our field of activity; it’s also about communicating, inspiring and building bridges between our expertise and the world around us.