distributeur français d’équipements et consommables pour l’industrie du Semiconducteur.

Sputtering/Pulvérisation (PVD)

Diode or Magnetron Sputtering (RF, DC or Pulsed DC), Ion Beam Sputtering or Ion Beam Assisted Sputtering.

  • Custom enclosures (sputter-up or sputter down)
  • Plasma treatment, ion beam (stripping or assistance), oxidation or recrystallization possible
  • Plasma treatment or pre-deposition ion pickling possible
  • Simple automatic or manual loading or from cassette 5 or 25 wafers
  • Spray up or down (sputter up/down)
  • Cathode in planar or confocal configuration
  • Reactive spraying
  • Custom-made substrate holder (support by flange or electrostatic support)
  • Static, dynamic, planetary, double planetary (satellite) and oscillating deposits
  • Substrate RF bias before and during deposition
  • Substrate temperature possible from -60° to +1000°C
  • Sas possible
  • Automatic pumping
  • Possibility of co-spray
  • Possible doping
  • Multi-layer possibility with multi-cathodes
  • Thickness measurement system (laser interferometer or quartz balance)
  • Wafer up to 300 mm (more on request)