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Screen printer

High-precision screen printing

  • Substrates up to 790 mm x 600 mm
  • Highly repeatable process
  • Auto or manual loading
  • XYtheta adjustment (auto or manual)
  • Motorized Z-adjustment of screen/mask holder for high-precision screen/mask/substrate distance adjustment
  • UHD camera alignment system
  • Pattern recognition option
  • Possibility of achieving very high production rates (cycle times of less than 6 sec.)
  • New intelligent, high-precision motorized and programmable screen-printing head for smooth, constant movement
  • Squeegee made of high-performance material with constant angle and low vibration
  • Squeegee force adjustable from 0 kg to 20 kg (fine adjustment)
  • Configurable as single squeegee, double squeegee, squeegee and flood blade