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Laser Trimer

Ohmic trimming of thick films and resistors and functional trimming of hybrid, digital, ASIC and RF circuits

  • Choice of lasers :
    • 1064 nm – Diode (6-12 W)
    • 532 nm – Diode (3-6 W)
    • 355 nm – Diode (1-3 W)
    • 1064 nm – Lamp (50W)
  • Can also be used for marking
  • Substrate up to 200 mm x 300 mm (more on request)
  • Auto loading (possible with cassette) or manual loading
  • Laser positioning via galvanometric system (resolution 1.7 µm)
  • Measuring device for target value, tolerance, acceptance and ratio
  • Different types of trimming (L or double)
  • Camera alignment system (pattern recognition option)
  • Particle and fume filtration system (suction under and behind the chuck)
  • Compatible with flying probes and micropositioners+tips, and can be combined with flying probes and flying probes.